Single who? Double what?

We’re named Single Double because we create singular messages in partnership with our clients. One letter, two writers—a single and a double.

We’ve doubled up with:

Everything starts with writing

Single Double grew out of The Good Copy—a writing school, a publisher and a shop founded on a love for words and language. A love that manifests as grammar classes, writing workshops and Collingwood’s longest-running crossword club.

At Single Double, we also think a lot about words. A script, a tweet, a caption or an ad. Ideas might not end up using words, but they always begin with them.

We apply a publishing—rather than an advertising—model to our work for brands. Ad blockers exist. Entertaining-things-that-people-like blockers don’t. So we make entertaining things that people like.

We’re equipped: everyone at Single Double has experience in publishing, writing or editing. We create for audiences, not demographics. We think using cultural vocabulary, not marketing jargon.

Turning brands into publishers

Objective about objectives

We don’t sell you ideas just because we like them. Nor do we expect audiences to just turn up. We convert attention into action, and that means pursuing your objectives from the first brainstorm to the final report.

In practice, this means creating concepts with diamond-hard links to the ideas they’re trying to express. It also means choosing the right medium for those ideas, creating specifically for that medium and developing strategies for effective distribution.

There’s no point making breakfast when it’s dinnertime. Especially if you’re not calling anyone to the table.

Single Double is not part of any conglomerate, cabal or consortium. The only thing we’re selling is the thing we make: content produced by an independent content agency.

This independence gives us the freedom to work with a close network of partners for design, production and media distribution—whoever best helps us make our ideas real.

But we also like being in the sandbox with other kids. We happily collaborate to create campaign, production and distribution efficiencies. In short, we play nice.

Alone but not lonely