Clear brand voices

We produce content and manage communities for clients across many industries, establishing consistent brand voices and engaged, active audiences — no matter the tone or topic.


We made Lifestyles’ social media presence distinctive by making Lifestyles be the last thing a condom brand should be: unsexy. Rather than using aspirational imagery and titillating copy, we used humour, colourful illustration and sex positivity to talk to Lifestyles’ internet-native demographic in a way that reflected their real-world relationship to condoms. A friend rather than a role model.

Builders Academy

From ‘Worksite pic of the week’ to ‘Tradiefork Fridays’, our work with Builders Academy is about being genuine and authentic with tradies—an audience that can smell inauthenticity as sure as they can tell a coach screw from a lag bolt. Tradies regularly tag us in their posts and message us their own work pics without any incentive. We’ve become a genuine part of their day on the job. And the funny stuff we publish delivers just as many website leads as serious educational pieces and direct calls-to-action.

Compelling video content

Single Double: predictive text edition

As a combination experiment, goof-off and big ol’ raspberry to the year that was, we took all the copy we wrote for our clients this year (some 100,000 words) and fed it into a predictive text script by Jamie Brew. Then, we filmed ourselves reading the result—north of gibberish but south of sense.

Carsales: The Best Car in the World

Australia’s largest online automotive classifieds business wanted to capture the attention of drivers who aren’t automotive enthusiasts—an audience their existing editorial structure didn’t cater towards. We found a way by talking to people who shouldn’t be driving at all: primary school kids. The video series brought a relatable lifestyle focus to the brand, and reinforced the fact that if you can dream of it, you can probably find it on Carsales (that is, unless you need a car with wheels that taste like blueberries).

Credible collaborations

Melbourne Central: correspondents program

We helped Melbourne Central move away from the modalities of brand spokespeople or social media ‘influencers’ by recruiting credible city insiders and cultural authorities to collaborate with us on content that placed the shopping centre in the middle of Melbourne’s cultural life—as well as in the heart of its CBD.

Skyn: supporting independent photography

In collaboration with the Independent Photography Festival, we turned Skyn into a supporter of and collaborator with young photographers around Australia. Skyn has sponsored IPF; has published a newsprint zine, Feels; and continues to run ongoing photographer takeovers of the Skyn Instagram, providing local, visual expression to the brand’s ‘Feel Everything’ campaign.